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Authority Building

Authority BuildingAuthority Building gives your site that extra vote of confidence users trust

Search engines view links from other sites as "votes" for yours. Because of this, authority building is a critical part of online marketing. Having a high number of quality sites link to you not only boosts your search engine results. Having quality links from reputable sites also elevates your perceived status within your industry and makes you more trustworthy, giving you a natural competitive advantage. As authority building experts, we at Catalyst take a creative, yet highly logical approach, creating strategies that are specifically customized to your industry and existing customers, partners and suppliers. By using a personalized, collaborative appeal and targeted acquisition approach we build your authority, your traffic and your reach.  

The following are just some of the authority building strategies we employ:

  • Webmaster contact
  • Relevant memberships
  • Niche and vertical directories
  • Passive authority building tactics
  • Citing and references
  • Article publishing
  • Competitor back linking
  • Social media directories
  • Comments & reviews
  • Custom content creation
  • Blogs
  • Forum participation
  • Wikipedia
  • Video distribution
  • Link baiting
  • Government websites
  • Affiliate programs




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