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Case Study – WorldGaming – July 2017

Improved tournament registration rates from 0.8% to 27.4%!

The Objective

WorldGaming is a massive online gaming center that holds E-sport tournaments and challenges for cash prizes. The goal was to encourage more page views and ultimately more registrations for four sport video game tournaments.

The Strategy

Two campaigns for WorldGaming were created to gain pageviews and registrations from the gaming public. The video games were FIFA17 and NBA2K17.

Catalyst Advertising built the following campaigns:

  • Search ad campaigns.
  • Display campaigns for branding.
  • Facebook ads for social awareness.

We created effective text ads for the search campaign with a clear call to action in order to attract gamers to sign up and participate in the online tournaments. Image ads were created for branding awareness and to encourage people to view the tournament pages.

Fifa 2017
NBA 2K17

The Results

In only 2 months, all paid campaigns performed very well, with a total of 112 registrations and 53,631 clicks to the website.

AdWords search ads alone, generated 60% of the total paid registrations.

In Facebook, the ads performed exceptionally well – Social engagement results showed almost 500 post reactions, and almost 4,000 link clicks. Page likes increased by nearly 300.

Comparing registrations for the same months last year on pages that did not receive any optimization: June & July 2017 vs 2016

  • Home page: 1.1% vs 0.7% conversion rate
  • Registration page: 27.4% vs 0.8% conversion rate
  • Games page: 0.6% vs 0.0% conversion rate