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Google Ads Optimization

Optimizing Google Ads campaigns consists of multiple factors. While keywords and targeting play a large role in ensuring the success of any PPC campaign, text ads and landing pages play an equal part. The quality score of your AdGroups will define how competitive you will be in your industry and with your products or services. Catalyst optimizes ads through ongoing A/B testing and ensures a balance between quality score and quality traffic. When it comes to building or optimizing landing pages, we only use only the best industry standards.

We attract more traffic and convert more visitors. We create the ads. You enjoy the results. Google Ads setup and management is efficient, effective and easy to get started.

Here are some of the ad channels we can setup and manage for you:

  • Google Search Ads to reach visitors when they are searching
  • Google Display Ads to show your brand and message on multiple sites based on demographics, interests, topics and other factors
  • Facebook and Instagram ads to target visitors in a social environment, based on demographics, interests and other factors
  • Video Ads in Google (YouTube) or Facebook to increase engagement or build awareness of your brand and/or product
  • Bing search ads to reach visitors beyond Google’s audience
  • Remarketing to continue showing messages to users after they visit your site.

Catalyst Advertising

Featured Case Study

Amnesty International Canada is a world leader in the fight for human rights. Catalyst Advertising manages many of their advertising campaigns with campaign goals for donations and book club sign ups. In this campaign, our focus was to get more signatures for one of Amnesty International’s petitions.

Over a 6 month period, all three campaigns did exceptionally well. The three campaigns to get signed petitions resulted in a 532% increase in total petitions signed.


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