Marco Ardizzi

Over the years I have worked with Dean Campbell and the Catalyst Advertising team on many different aspects of Online marketing in order to develop, support and grow our direct marketing initiatives. I have found Catalyst to be an outstanding vendor, playing a critical role in recommending and implementing the most effective and economical tactics to grow our online actionable metrics from leads to sales. Catalyst has also given us greater visibility and insights into our prospects and customers’ behaviours through sophisticated analytics that is converted into digestible reporting. The Catalyst team is knowledgeable, professional, responsible and trustworthy and I would be happy to recommend Catalyst to any Company seeking assistance in developing, maintaining or growing their online presence. Below are just some of the areas in which Catalyst has helped us out with: • Search Engine Optimization • Paid Search Marketing • Programmatic Marketing • Remarketing Campaigns • Banner Development & AB Testing • Social Marketing • Website Development ~ Meta Tags, Titles, Keywords • Website Development ~ User experience, best practices • Website Analytics
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