The global average for video consumption is 17 hours per week in 2023!

As the advertising opportunities grow and evolve, so should your marketing plan. Catalyst Advertising maximizes the current best opportunities by specializing in ad distribution on YouTube and Facebook. Knowing the differences, advantages and placement opportunities of each keeps you on the cutting edge, placing videos where your target audience will see them.

Video Clips Create Emotional Connections

Videos have clear advantages over images and text, creating a sense of immediacy that enhances believability and urgency. Videos offer a shortcut to make emotional connections through facial expressions, body language, voice and music that we cannot achieve with traditional banner ads and text ads.

Our digital video advertising services include:

  • Customizing videos to test different calls to action and optimizing videos for specific placements.
  • Advanced targeting – choosing your target audience based on interests, demographics, similar audiences, remarketing and more.
  • Ad distribution on social media, specializing in YouTube and Facebook

Catalyst Advertising

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