Catalyst Advertising



I have had the privilege of working with Dean and the team at Catalyst across various projects over several years and I can honestly say they never disappoint. They take the time to understand our unique business and offer the most ideal solutions. They are professional, flexible, very detail-oriented, and most of all, the work is always completed on time and exceeds expectations. I would highly recommend Catalyst to anyone looking to grow their business and get ahead of their competition.

Eli Sklar
eCommerce Specialist

Procter & Gamble


Catalyst Advertising has been instrumental in helping us build a remarkable lead generating machine through online search as well as other various digital marketing channels. Working with Dean and his team is a pleasure; with his knowledge, expertise and guidance we have seen an increase in lead flow, efficiency and ROI.

Joanna Korach Gifford
Manager, Digital Marketing

Green Shield Canada


Catalyst was instrumental in getting Amnesty International Canada’s digital advertising program off the ground and making it one of our vital sources of supporter growth. We’ve appreciated their clear reporting and responsiveness to our needs, in particular their openness and guidance with interpreting data, testing new strategies, improving our internal analytics tracking, and their openness to work collaboratively with other agencies involved in our digital programming. Catalyst runs a responsive, professional business with a personal touch that makes them a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Bales
Digital Communications Manager

Amnesty International Canada


Catalyst Advertising is a strategic digital partner that provides our team with industry-leading advice, delivery and expertise. Within an ever-changing online environment, innovation, critical thinking and campaign execution management have never been more important. I value our trusted relationship with Dean Campbell, his team and their results-based approach.

Dave Callan
Former Director, Marketing

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada


Over the years I have worked with Dean Campbell and the Catalyst Advertising team on many different aspects of Online marketing in order to develop, support and grow our direct marketing initiatives. I have found Catalyst to be an outstanding vendor, playing a critical role in recommending and implementing the most effective and economical tactics to grow our online actionable metrics from leads to sales. Catalyst has also given us greater visibility and insights into our prospects and customers’ behaviours through sophisticated analytics that is converted into digestible reporting. The Catalyst team is knowledgeable, professional, responsible and trustworthy and I would be happy to recommend Catalyst to any Company seeking assistance in developing, maintaining or growing their online presence.

Below are just some of the areas in which Catalyst has helped us out with:

• Search Engine Optimization
• Paid Search Marketing
• Programmatic Marketing
• Remarketing Campaigns
• Banner Development & AB Testing
• Social Marketing
• Website Development ~ Meta Tags, Titles, Keywords
• Website Development ~ User experience, best practices
• Website Analytics

Marco Ardizzi
Manager, Database & Direct Marketing

Green Shield Canada


I have worked with Catalyst Advertising over the last 4 years at both my previous job at a digital agency and my current workplace in higher education communications office. The team at Catalyst are always professional, extremely helpful, and really take the time to explain every detail. Most importantly, they run successful campaigns that accomplish goals!

Emma Nguyen
Director, Online Marketing and Communications

We have worked with Catalyst on a couple of targeted awareness campaigns to share key messages with health care providers. We greatly valued the digital marketing expertise of Dean and the team, and we are very pleased with the results.

Tom Oldfield
Manager, Communications
Green Shield Canada