Catalyst Advertising

Let the people who follow you, build your business for you!

Do you understand the ever-changing ways of social media networks, user behaviour, and the mechanics behind it all?

That’s what we’re here for! We have the expertise to make social media work for your business. Remember, the most cost-effective way to build a brand is by letting others build it for you.


Social media allows your clients to engage with your brand and for you to engage with your clients. Having this quick and direct communication builds a strong relationship based on trust; and better relationships build a stronger brand.

Content Creation

Need fresh and original content that communicates your message or your brand’s voice? We get your message across. Whether you need video, images, text or responses to user comments, we help your brand stay current and relevant to your desired goals. 


Facebook, Twitter and YouTube make it difficult for businesses to reach their desired audience organically. If you want your business to grow, it is essential to run social ads in order to reach audiences that both “follow” your brand and those outside your immediate reach.

We’ll make social media work for you!

When you integrate social media into your marketing plans, you create a powerful venue to reach out and engage with your customers! Our social media experts will help you gain strategic insights by seeing what your customers are saying about your products and services in real-time. You can discover your customer’s preferences and personal choices which you can then use to increase sales and find more customers just like them.

Get your business out there and get social.