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Case Study – Christian Children’s Fund of Canada – March 2017

Facebook and Google Video Ads Increased Awareness of Community Rise brand


Facebook video ads and Google Video Ads (YouTube) were used with varying results. Overall, Facebook Video ads are best used for driving engagement (i.e. likes and shares), whereas Google Video ads are best used for high view rates.

The Objective

In February 2017, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) asked Catalyst for strategies to increase brand awareness for their Community Rise campaign.

The Community Rise Campaign allows donors to give a monthly amount used to support vulnerable children and their families in developing countries. Donations go towards community-based health, water, and education programs all geared to teach self-sufficiency. This program has a lower price point than child sponsorship which is already a long standing and established giving program.

The Strategy

Catalyst optimized existing campaign videos to be used as ads for Facebook and YouTube. The video campaigns ran for a seven-week period starting in February 2017. The creative was designed to increase brand awareness and encouraged viewers to donate by educating them about how their support helps children in need. With these objectives in mind, the campaigns targeted specific age demographics and related interests.

The Results

At the end of the 7-week campaign, Google AdWords videos had over 7,300 views, with 36% of viewers watching 25%. In Facebook, the results were outstanding with over 64,000 views and 54% of viewers watching to the 25% mark.

Across all campaigns, organic visits increased by 181% in comparison to the same time period of last year. All paid visits increased by 639%. Together this data suggests a dramatic increased in search volume signifying the effectiveness of this campaign.

Comparison of Facebook & Google Ads


  • Facebook works best for getting clicks, especially the Facebook Audience Network (FAN), but not the Newsfeed
  • Facebook is better for engagement, as can be seen by the likes and shares
  • Facebook is much cheaper on a CPM and CPC basis

Google Video Ads

  • Google works best for getting 30 second views, especially in the Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Users view videos for a longer period of time on the GDN and YouTube outperforms the Facebook News Feed (though not the FAN)
  • Google is cheaper from a cost per view perspective

Our Conclusion:

Facebook works best to engage viewers, and Google Video works best to get people to watch more of the videos.